This was my third eyebrow treatment. I first had a tattoo,then microblading which wasn’t with Sabrina and I just had my microblading with Sabrina yesterday 04/12/2018! This by far is my best experience and best results. I’m very picky especially with my face and after watching Sabrina’s work on Instagram and here, I knew it was time. I’m so happy with the results and the experience was the best I have had so far. Sabrina was waiting for me, I was a few minutes late and she was patient and just texted to see if I had the right address. I was immediately attended to on reaching there. Everything was smooth and done to perfection! I am a perfectionist but within minutes of being there,I knew I was in the right hands. Sabrina takes her time on the little details to make sure it’s done right. She made sure I loved the shape of the brows on drawing them before she proceeded to start microblading. She took a lot of time to make sure I loved the shape and that I wasn’t settling! She gave me a blanket and that when I passed out ??. That was embarrassing because I woke up when we were almost done. I was very comfortable, and she kept numbing me to make sure there was no pain. I highly recommend Sabrina and would like to give her 10 stars of my own, forget yelp, I’m adding 5 stars! Oh before I forget, I’m going to be a maid of honor to my friends wedding and Sabrina made sure she gave me a date so I would be fully healed before the wedding. I’m truly grateful and happy that I found Sabrina when I did because I don’t think anyone would have made me happier.

Mimi Godess