Microblading Apprenticeship

For Nevada students, take your education further with a 6-month apprenticeship program.

After taking my course, my Las Vegas students are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship program that lasts for six months total, as required by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) to get your body art license.

Once you have your body art license, you are able to work on your own in an area that is zoned for tattooing. The cost for apprenticeship is separate from the microblading course fee, and costs $500 a month or $2,500 if paid in full in advance. Payment is due right after I sign the form you have to submit to the SNHD.

The apprenticeship starts when you pass the written test at the Health Department. I will give all the information about the apprenticeship to my students after completing the 3-day course.