Freckles Application

An infusion of pigment into the skin to simulate the appearance of natural, sun-kissed freckles or beauty marks

Freckles and/or Beauty Mark Applications are a quick process which uses a combination of natural brown pigments for the most realistic results. Freckles Application is meant to be a subtle natural enhancement. This process heals best on young, healthy, and dry/normal skin. The pigment applied will not heal as well on very oily or aging/thin skin and will therefore need more touch-ups. This procedure is considered to be permanent makeup. Therefore, the marks fade over time. Annual touch-ups are recommended in order to keep the color fresh and the shape precise.*

*If you are a user of retinols, glycolics, AHAs, or any other similar acids/skincare: you must NOT use these on the “treated” area, before or after the tattoo procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how to prepare for your Freckles Application session and what to expect after you have had your first appointment in this document.



Freckles Application Aftercare

Achieve beautiful and lasting freckles tattoo by following these aftercare instructions within 5 hours after the treatment.


Freckles Application cannot be performed if you:

  • Are pregnant/breastfeeding
  • Are currently using Accutane or have used Accutane within the past year
  • Have a freshly tanned/sunburned face
  • Are on blood-thinning medications or antibiotics
  • Have rosacea
  • Are currently undergoing cancer treatment
  • Have come off chemo or radiation therapy within the past 6 months

Freckles Application


Beauty Mark Application