Freckle Tattoo Application Training

Are you struggling because you offer few PMU services? Would you like to expand your services so you can make more money? This online training is perfect for you.

One of the newest treatments in the PMU world is freckle tattooing. This is a procedure in which pigment is applied to your client’s upper cheeks and nose to give them a youthful, freckled look.

The number and location of these cute brown spots on your client’s face is important to achieve a natural look. This same technique can be used to enhance, or create, beauty marks.

You will learn exactly how to achieve your clients' desired results in this video. Below is a picture of how the freckles and beauty mark look immediately after application.

They will lighten to a more natural look soon after.

Freckle application is the desired PMU service as clients don’t need to wait for summer and expose themselves to hours and hours of harmful sunlight in order to have those freckles, and the best thing is – they can have freckles all year-round.

Freckle tattooing is an easy way to grow your list of PMU services and easily make an additional $2000 per month.

Sabrina Palacios, CEO & Owner of Bina’s Beauty Bar, will be teaching you Freckle Tattoo Application in this tutorial video.

Once you register, a link will be emailed to you with your login credentials to begin watching the tutorial. You will have FREE REPLAYS for 30 days to rewatch and practice as many times as you like. 😊

A Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you once you complete the course.

You can DISPLAY THESE AS PROOF to your clients that you take your technique, business and continuing education seriously. You can also use the certificates as proof of continuing education to help you obtain and maintain your liability insurance.

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